Commercial Cleaning

Hi-Pressure Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Hi-Pressure is happy to be a part of the maintenance efforts for your commercial properties. The exterior of a commercial building is the first impression your clients will have when visiting your business. Utilizing regular high-pressure cleaning can help with an overall positive first impression. Cleaning the surfaces around your commercial properties can also help with providing a safe location for both employees and customers. Removing hazardous grime from walking surfaces can reduce trips, falls, and slips (one of the largest causes of time-loss injuries in Canada). Unattended built-up pollutants can also lead to breathing troubles, allergies, and respiratory diseases.

What you can expect from our Commercial Cleaning / Hi-Pressure Cleaning:

  • Time and cost-effective way to clean outdoor surfaces
  • Effective clean up around dumpster areas (disinfects and removes odor)
  • Boost exterior appearance for potential clients
  • Increase safety for employees and visitors
  • Contribute to overall maintenance
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners
  • Best prices in Prince Albert

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