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Hi-Pressure Cleaning / Graffiti Removal in Prince Albert

Boost your roofs longevity by pressure washing your roof. This helps preserve shingles, metal or tiles; ensuring it lives long and saves you money.

Roofing Cleaning

High-Pressure uses products from ‘WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI REMOVAL SYSTEM,’ a product that removes graffiti without damage to the substrate or the environment.

Graffiti Removal

Pressure washing blasts potentially harmful substances away, keeping your family breathing the purest air possible.

Residential Cleaning


Hi-Pressure Cleaning Services

We are capable of reaching up to 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch), to ensure deep and penetrating cleaning. Using an oscillating pressure tip on the wand, that has been tested for better cleaning results, this method requires less water. We claim that it is not how much water is used, but how we use it.

Graffiti removal is made possible by using our products for removal of paint and other tough-to-remove and unwanted stains. Removal of old paint allows for preparation for applying new paint.

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Common Questions

What is pressure cleaning?

This is a cleaning technique that uses a high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mod, grime, dust, mud, graffiti, etc. from hard surfaces and objects such as vehicles, buildings, and concrete.

What does PSI mean?

PSI stands for pounds per Square Inch, and it speaks to the amount of cleaning pressure that a unit can produce. PSI can determine the ability of the water spray to separate dirt and grime from the washing surface.

What does GPM stand for?

GPM (Gallons per Minute) is the amount of water that is coming from the unit. The higher a pressure washer’s GPM, the quicker you can wash a surface clean.

Can pressure washing cause damage?

It can, which is why it is important to hire a trained professional. We always start by examining the type of surface and its condition, then determine the right amount of water pressure to be used. If you are interested in learning more, contact us anytime or get your free quote today!

What needs to be prepared before pressure washing?

If the areas that need to be cleaned are blocked or cluttered and restrict our access, we would ask you to move items out of the way in advance and clear the area to prevent any delays or additional costs. Other then that, there is essentially no preparation needed!

Do I need to be home?

There is no need to be home. If you will be away, we ask that you clear your driveway and areas that we will be working in, leave gates unlocked, and ensure your water taps are on and functional. Post clean, we will ensure gates are closed before leaving the property and contact you to know the job is complete.

Client Testimonial

I want to thank  Hi-Pressure Cleaning Services for the excellent service over the last 2 years.  The Company has been responsible for the cleaning of City owned furniture and Gazebo’s but where we have enjoyed our partnership with them is on the graffiti removal side.  When the City of Prince Albert first started working with your company the City was experiencing a high level of graffiti and tagging around the downtown core and in some other sections of the City.  Hi-Pressure Cleaning Services was contracted out to help assist in the efforts to respond in a timely manner to the number of complaints and calls for service, as a result the City was able to get a handle on the graffiti and tagging and has continued to reach out to the company to provide these services.  The turnaround time on most complaints is usually less than a day and the end result has been a cleaner and more presentable downtown core and City as a whole.  We look forward to reaching out to Hi-Pressure Cleaning Services in the future to assist in providing these valuable services.

Timothy Yeaman

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